Society Beta is a studio based between Byron Bay and Sydney, exploring the intersection of art, business and environment.

Founded by Kelly Reiffer, a curator, strategist and mother. Kelly previously co-founded Berlin-based Skalitzers Contemporary Art in 2009, representing international artists across public and private spheres with a particular focus on the evolution of writing, aka tagging.

Kelly studied finance and economics with a dash of medicine, ocean science & neuroscience at the University of Western Australia, investment banking at UBS, art in the galleries of Sydney and streets of Berlin and strategy between Australia and Europe. She is interested in creativity, change, open innovation, resilience, collaboration, ecosystems and disruption, and is a member of the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, Byron Shire Climate Emergency Group and Social Habitat Housing.

Society Beta is constantly evolving alongside Kelly's two small children, who are her best teachers.


Private Kunst Salon: A salon hang of works from my last fifteen years as a collector and accidental gallerist in Sydney, Berlin and Byron Bay, including work by L'Atlas, Rhys Lee, Dane Lovett, Danny Gretscher, Nug, Cope2, Leora Sibony, Lisa Arronis, Jill Dawson, Amelia Reid, Suvira McDonald & Tim Fry... Please get in touch for the catalogue

Sculpted 2019

An exhibition of three dimensional forms from ten established and emerging Northern Rivers based artists, who reflect on their environment via space and form.


'Blue in the Sky' was Danny Gretscher's first show in Byron Bay. Please get in touch for details

Danny Gretscher 2017

'This corner of the earth smiles at me' was the first Australian show by Berlin artist, Danny Gretscher. A residency and exhibition in Chippendale's 100 year old chocolate factory building, colab art dinner with Alfie's Kitchen and Art play. Please get in touch for details.

Byron Bay art commission 2016

A selection of public works were produced for Byron Shire Council in 2016 with local emerging artists Birdman and Bryan Jeffs, and international artist Danny Gretscher.